by Beto Ruiz Alonzo

Hi Cuties!!

So much to catch up on! Yes, I am still living large in NYC!! :D

Some things have changed over the past year- I've been working at NYLON Magazine for about ten months now- coordinating and producing the original photo shoots and videos for the NYLON Digital site, which has been so amaazing and rewarding! Also moving into production of their integrated sponsored content which is a really exciting and exploding element of digital landscape. I'd like to share more of my work on here; but I honestly just keep forgetting!

I'm also still working with my friends at CHROMAT on the runway shows each season; (see the New York Times coverage of our most recent show at MILK) and I've taken on a wonderful corporate client who consult for each week- throwing events and giving art / party recommendations.

With all this day time work I've been neglecting my personal art projects! But I think I needed a bit of a break- Ms. Fitz is a big girl/character and sometimes she needs to clam down and give Claire Fitzsimmons some time to grow :) I feel really blessed to have full time ongoing work with three fabulous clients, given that my skills are are so niche!

However- I wanted to share with you this amazing find! Digging through the archives at NYLON I stumbled upon this custom hand made Betsey Johnson piece made exclusively for the brand; but long forgotten! I had to get it on me :) :)

 Pics by Beto Ruiz Alonzo
Do you still love me like I love you??

Love, Color and Chaos,

Australian Fashion Week coverage for Nylon

I was asked by to recommend my favourite five designers from 2015/16 Merced Benz Australian Fashion Week.

Check it out here:


Love, Color and Chaos,


Playing around in some new #HEELCONCEPTS I created. 
One off camo kaftan by Vaughan Alexander
Chromat Pentagram swimsuit underneath
Photos: Elvis DiFazio

Love, Color and Chaos,

Recent Press / Huffington Post, Refinery29, The Coven

Hello my long lost lovers!! 

Just sharing some press that has come my way recently. I'm #thankful!

To be featured on the Huffington Post is really incredible, big thanks to James Nichols for the feature. It's pretty in-depth and angled primarily towards my work in nightlife, so I feel lucky to have the chance to bend your ears!

My girls at Witches of Bushwick included this feature in their newest issue of The Coven Mag. 
I have a lot to say! I hope you get to read it.

Pic by Kelly Kai
Wearing BCALLA


Okay this isn't technically press but regardless, I THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT MY DRESS!!! OMG OMG OMG!
It's made entirely out of vintage basketball jerseys and old, old fringing we found at a fabric store that was going out of business. Yeah I conceptualised it, but as always, my costumier Vaughan Alexander put it all together for me. GET IIITTTT

Pic by Thom Kerr

Love, Color and Chaos,

Ms. Fitz and Witches of Bushwick Present: Second Annual Bushwick Gone Basel

Bushwick is a neighborhood filled with many talented artists who are consistently on the cusp of new trends, ideas and bold creative happenings -- in a lot of ways, the cultural zeitgeist. It's important that the commercial art world understands that we have a voice.

Born out of warehouses, DIY clubs and artistic collectives, this neighborhood's artists embody a raw and untethered creative spirit that is incredibly important in terms of the larger conversation regarding art and culture. Massive art fairs like Basel are commercialized and can be difficult for independent artists to showcase their work. 

So, in 2013 I came up with the idea for Bushwick Gone Basel, a showcase of burgeoning artists from our neighbourhood, Bushwick, at Miami Basel. By providing the platform at "Bushwick Gone Basel" we hoped to expose the beating heart of the underground to a larger audience. For two years running "Bushwick Gone Basel" has crashed Miami, bringing our own brand of unique DIY art party to the mainstream.

Read about the artists involved with Bushwick Gone Basel on this feature on the Huffington Post:
"Bushwick Gone Basel to Close Maimi Basel, 2014"

Here are some pics from the night ;) They may have tried to shut it down but true to form; we kept it going. Thank you to everyone involved!!

Pics by Rebecca Smeyne

Read about the night here on Paper Magazine
And last year's Bushwick Gone Basel as well on Paper Magazine

See you next year ;)

Love, Color and Chaos,

"ICONS" by Ms. Fitz - Superchief Gallery, New York

I  was recently asked to curate a showing at Superchief Gallery during NYFW, so I took the opportunity to bring together my friends Whatever21, Pictureplane and Molly Soda to exhibit "Limited Edition" works inspired by branding and fashion in the modern era.

I created the following pieces, titled "ICONS". As you can see, I created replicas of iconic looks worn by famous women on the red carpet. The reason I chose these outfits is because they are culturally so important, they caused such a stir at the time, they were incredibly risqué. Covering my entire body in gold leafing symbolises the trophy, the idol.

a) Celine Dion's backwards Galliano suit- she wore for the Grammys when she won for "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic
b) J-Lo's green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy's
c) Liz Hurley's versace Safety Pin dress she wore to the premier of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" in 1994

Thanks to everyone that came out for the launch :)


Brian Whatever launched his new collection

Love, Color and Chaos,



Australian Aboriginal people believe that in the Dreamtime, a giant rainbow serpent created the universe. When you see a rainbow, it is the serpent jumping from waterhole (or billabong) to waterhole.

Embrace her power.

Pics taken by Patrick Macleod

Costume by Vaughan Alexander
Post-effects & direction by Ms. Fitz
Styling Assistant Frank Jones

Love, Color and Chaos,

Pictureplane "Self Control" // Styled by Ms. Fitz

Pleased to share this video I styled for client and good mate of mine, Travis Egedy, aka PICTUREPLANE. It's a cyber futuristic ravey Witch Housey fantasy :) :)

Juliana Huxtable wears custom BCALLA winged body suit
Grace Hall wears Vaughan Alexander logo tee dress with Chromat boots
Travis Egedy wears Asher Levine jacket, KTZ gloves
Fluct dancers wear their own outfits with Ms. Fitz face chains
Reptiles wear Asher Levine (head to toe)

Big thank you to my assistants Sarah La Throp and Nat Torres. 

Love, Color and Chaos,

Kylie Minogue "Sexcercise" - Cody Cricheloe x VFILES


Let me prefix this by saying that I am a huuuge fan of Kylie Minogue, as an Australian; she is basically like, our Queen instead of that old bag Queen Elizabeth.

So when I heard I was going to be assisting with the styling on her new video for "Sexcercise" with Cody Critcheloe (my bud from SSION - you can see our previous work together here) and VFILES I was, to put it mildly... TOTALLY FUCKING STOKED.


You can see me in the VFILES Model Files episode with Preston below:

Here's some behind the scenes piccies from the day:

Love, Color and Chaos,


Desi Santiago is an artist I've admired for some time, from his work as the Creative Director for Madonna's MDNA world tour and Alexander McQueen's retrospective at the Met. I felt v honored when he asked to do pendulum divinations in his exhibit "Casino Diabolique" at the W Hotel.

The interior of the penthouse of the W Hotel in Manhattan was transformed in to an eery, magik casino, where guests were encouraged to try their luck on a series of traditional games of chance with a dark twist. Deep red velvet curtains flanked all the walls and neon red lighting design (created by Brooklyn lighting artist Nitemind) and a signature scent created by Tomas Delucia of The Sense Society, incorporating Palo Santo sticks, created a sensual, dense and mystical mood for exploring the unknown. Costumes were created by New York street wear gods, Hood By Air.

Pics from BFA, Produced by Josh Wood Productions.

Love, Color and Chaos,