Five Cool Things to Do in NYC This Week That Don't Involve Going to A Bar or a Warehouse with The Same People You See Every Goddam Weekend - September 23rd

Sick of going to the same bars with the same people? All the same hosts at all the same venues? GIRL, I KNOW. But remember- we live in NEW YORK CITY!! There are so many amazing things happening every single week that we miss because we're caught up in our little bubbles. Well, BOO TO THAT!  A few of my clients request a weekly round up of cool things to do or check out in NYC so I figured, why not share it each week with my friends on here.

Taylor Mac’s glittering performance art concerts chart a (highly) subjective history of popular music and activism in America from the nation’s founding in 1776 to the present day. Created with a bevy of collaborators, including music director / arranger Matt Ray, co-director Niegel Smith, 2015 MacArthur Fellow Mimi Lien, lighting designer John Torres, and longtime fellow traveler and costume provocateur Machine Dazzle.

“a staggering magnum opus” – The New York Times

Sept 21 - 25
Brooklyn Bridge Park

"Housed inside (and out) of repurposed shipping containers, PHOTOVILLE 2016 will present more than 60 photo exhibitions and outdoor installations, in partnership with a carefully selected group of programming partners from around the globe."
SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
12 - 6PM
An all female roster this year.

"Resolve and the willingness to get down and dirty are two of the defining factors of VICE Magazine’s Photo Issue 2016. This year's edition is filled with photos of Israeli female soldiers, members of the National Women’s Soccer League, and the the town of Vallejo, the former capital of California, and so much more, from a veritable horde of incredible female photographers."

By Margaret and Christine Wertheim and the Institute For Figuring
September 15, 2016 to January 22, 2017
2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
"Crochet Coral Reef: TOXIC SEAS celebrates the tenth anniversary of the “Crochet Coral Reef” (2005–present), an ongoing project by sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim and their Los Angeles–based organization, the Institute For Figuring. Mixing crocheted yarn with plastic trash, the work fuses mathematics, marine biology, feminist art practices, and craft to produce large-scale coralline landscapes, both beautiful and blighted. At once figurative, collaborative, worldly, and dispersed, the “Crochet Coral Reef” offers a tender response to the dual calamities facing marine life: climate change and plastic trash."

September 24th - October 16
210 Rivington St, 
New York City, NY 10002
Opening Night Sept 24 6pm - 9pm

Love, Color and Chaos, 

New Work: Asher Levine FW2017 Collection

Asher Levine's work is dark, impeccably finished and a little bit science fiction. His aesthetic can be described as Mad Scientist Meets Luxe, which is a phrase that makes me very happy, obviously. Asher asked me to produce his new Look Book and NYFW Presentation to launch the collection, and I'm happy to share it with you here!

For this season's presentation we hosted a parlor style viewing in a beautiful town house in the West Village- Moodwise, it was far from the madness of a runway show downtown. It was intimate and sophisticated, a jazz pianist played in the background - and the guests, (including Whoopi Goldberg , Hamish Bowles, Amy Fine Collins, Dr. Lisa Airan , Faith Popcorn, Mia Michaels) were able to interact with the models, garments and the designer during the presentation. A 3D Bodyscanner on site took precise measurements of the guests in order to custom create their made to order selections.

The look book shoot takes a slightly edgier tone, set against a wet, dark backdrop- invoking one of the themes of Asher's designs- creature like metamorphosis. The pieces feature draped boiled wools, molded leather scales and accessories, exotic furs, and lasercut crepe silks in chimeric patterns.

To Purchase: 
Online sales will begin FRIDAY SEPT 16th


Photography by Victor Jeffreys @VictorJeffreysii

 (my future husband Laith Ashley, swoon)

Atmosphere Photography: Victor Jeffreys @VictorJeffreysii
Lookbook Photography: Zach Hyman @ZachLikeWhoa
Hair and Makeup Sponsored by IShimmer Lashes @iShimmer
Make-up by: Jasen Kaplan @JasenKaplan
Hair by: Joseph DiMaggio @fashionmeetspassion
Catering by: Serena Bass @SerenaBass23
A/V by: Power Posse Productions @PowerPosseProductions
Guest Relations by: Jennifer Cheng @ItsJenCheng
Live Piano by: Brett Williams @BrettWilliamsKeys

Love, Color and Chaos,

New Work: Adore Delano "ICU" Music Video

I feel a tiny bit invested in the Drag Race phenomenon- not only as a die hard fan of the show, but also after working for Zaldy (Ru Paul's costume maker) for some time. I've since gone on to collaborate with a handful of the girls on their solo projects. I am impressed by SO many of the queens, and Adore holds a special RIOTGRRL place in my heart! So working with her on her new music video was a total PARTY ;)

You know I don't believe in fashion rules (ANY OF THEM) so the idea that a drag queen must wear heels, must wear sequins, lashes, dresses, must be hyper feminine is silly! And dated ;) We ended up with total Boy George and Anna Piaggi vibes for this video, called "ICU". 
Check it out!

Look 1
Collar + jeans: NODiscount
Shirt: HiMumImdead
Coat: Colin Locascio
Look 2:
Cap + latex shirt: Chromat
Jacket: VFILES
Look 3:
Mask: Dick and Virgil

Director: Santiago Felipe
Executive Producer David Charpentier
Project Manager: Michael Ventolo
Director of Photography: Keith ketwaroo
Editor: Daniel Gottschling
Grip: Sebastian Beckmann
Stylist: Claire Fitzsimmons (Ms. Fitz)
Set Design: Michelle Sutherland & Diego Montoya
Hair Stylist: William Schaedler

Love, Color and Chaos,

New Shoot! Pia Mia for NYLON

Feel especially proud of this shoot which I created for NYLON.
I've been a little bit obsessed with PIA MIA for a hot second, mostly because it's still amazing to me that you can become a famous singer on the basis of instagram alone, but also because she's beautiful and talented. I brought the artist and photographer Signe Pierce on board to capture her spirit, because Signe's work explores the concept of being a young, sexualised woman on the internet and everyday. And also, because she takes gorgeous, saturated images.

Photo: Signe Pierce
Styling: Chris Horan
Hair: Scott Barnes
Make up: Dimitris Giannetos

Thank you to The London West Hollywood for having us!

See the interview here.


Love, Color and Chaos,

New Work! NYLON Magazine - Just The Tips

WOW! So much has been going on!

Working at NYLON I've had the opportunity to produce some amazing content. There is one particular project I LOVED working on especially. It's called "Just The Tips" and is a video series where we pulled together an array of women to talk about all the things that we chat about when there's no menses around. ;) It's so important that women have digital safe spaces to talk and connect.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we loved creating it!!!

See the whole series here.

Love, Color and Chaos,

My Chat with Rhonda Rousey about Staying Focused, Not Needing a Man, and GirlSquads

How does one prepare for a meeting with Ronda Rousey? I wondered. Do I need to work out? Eat only egg whites for breakfast? Four rounds of squats and 20 push-ups? I wanted to be in my finest form when coming face to face with a woman who is not only the Women’s UFC Bantamweight Champion, but also, like, my favorite person in the world.

I am not particularly into “sports.” My MMA knowledge extends to the fact that it’s kind of fun and sexy to watch people get sweaty and pummel each other. But after I heard her “Do Nothing Bitches” pre-fight pep talk, I became a committed fan. If you haven’t seen the video, or seen how BeyoncĂ© incorporates it into her performances, here it is: “I have this one term for the kind of woman that my mother raised me to not be. I call it a ‘do-nothing bitch.’ She’s a bitch who just tries to be pretty and be taken care of by someone else.”
Two coffees, a sandwich, and some Advil down, I was ready to meet Rousey. And upon doing so, one thing was clear: As she navigates traditionally male spaces and makes them her own, she has made a space for all women—women who work hard and push themselves to be their best.
Instead of plopping herself down in the chair, she basically dominated it, while smiling widely. I felt like I was about to chat with one of my girlfriends. 

Love, Color and Chaos,

Let's Catch Up!

by Beto Ruiz Alonzo

Hi Cuties!!

So much to catch up on! Yes, I am still living large in NYC!! :D

Some things have changed over the past year- I've been working at NYLON Magazine for about ten months now- coordinating and producing the original photo shoots and videos for the NYLON Digital site, which has been so amaazing and rewarding! Also moving into production of their integrated sponsored content which is a really exciting and exploding element of digital landscape. I'd like to share more of my work on here; but I honestly just keep forgetting!

I'm still producing the CHROMAT runway shows at MILK each season; (see the New York Times coverage of our most recent show)

However- I wanted to share with you this amazing find! Digging through the archives at NYLON I stumbled upon this custom hand made Betsey Johnson piece made exclusively for the brand; but long forgotten! I had to get it on me :) :)

 Pics by Beto Ruiz Alonzo
Do you still love me like I love you??

Love, Color and Chaos,


Playing around in some new #HEELCONCEPTS I created. 
One off camo kaftan by Vaughan Alexander
Chromat Pentagram swimsuit underneath
Photos: Elvis DiFazio

Love, Color and Chaos,

Recent Press / Huffington Post, Refinery29, The Coven

Hello my long lost lovers!! 

Just sharing some press that has come my way recently. I'm #thankful!

To be featured on the Huffington Post is really incredible, big thanks to James Nichols for the feature. It's pretty in-depth and angled primarily towards my work in nightlife, so I feel lucky to have the chance to bend your ears!

My girls at Witches of Bushwick included this feature in their newest issue of The Coven Mag. 
I have a lot to say! I hope you get to read it.

Pic by Kelly Kai
Wearing BCALLA


Okay this isn't technically press but regardless, I THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT MY DRESS!!! OMG OMG OMG!
It's made entirely out of vintage basketball jerseys and old, old fringing we found at a fabric store that was going out of business. Yeah I conceptualised it, but as always, my costumier Vaughan Alexander put it all together for me. GET IIITTTT

Pic by Thom Kerr

Love, Color and Chaos,