Missoni MADNESS Milan SS2011

The Missoni SS 2011 collection, presented in Milan a few days ago was " a slightly psychedelic, multicultural trawl across the surface of the globe: Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, Vietnam…everywhere and nowhere." (style.com) I'm LOVING the bold text woven through the garments. "Shake your rump," "Let your backbone slip," and "Get up off that thing" How about good is that??!!! This energetic collection revitalizes a brand that has been often overlooked since the 90's.. Take the time to pour over these images- the detailing and graphics interplay with colour and chaos in a symphony of contained brilliance. Get the fuck out!! It's too good.
I'll have it all, thanks.
Especially the sunglasses.


Cami said...

DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN This is bloody wonderful - and yes SUNGLASSES, woven FEEEEEEELIN' IT! I didn't even bother clicking on them on style.com, as I had that same jaded view. So thank you Ms F! x

Community College said...

SOOOOO HOT! I want all of it, especially those sandals. They need to make some bikinis in these yardages. Missoni bikinis are my crack!

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