Let's Keep It Real: Retrospektive

I feel strange today. Maybe it because I've been sniffing glue all morning, maybe it's because Chew is working on a song that sounds a bit sad and dreamy and I've heard it like 2000 times today, maybe its because we are three days away from moving in to our "forever home" (to use an Animal Planet term). I really think its because I'm beginning to feel like I'm putting roots down in New York City.. I'm feeling a little retrospective.

It's been one year and seven months since I left Australia, and I feel like I've lived a million lives in that time. I've been in eight countries and moved house twelve times. I've met so many wonderful people, but only a few who have captured my heart. I caught fish in the jungles of South America, I've seen snow for the first time and I've been to wild tranny parties in the LES. I saw fireworks on the Champs Elysees and I've cried on the New York subway. I've been skinny dipping in the freezing Baltic sea, fought under the Eiffel Tower and made love in a haunted house in Amsterdam. I've never felt so scared and lonely in my whole life, but I've never felt so hopeful.

Through out all this, I've had my computer. I've linked in with you via bits and bobs of fashion and color- this blog has been the only constant I've had through out. When I left all my wonderful, amazing, inspiring friends back in Australia and went on my big adventure I had no-one to talk to. No-one to be all like "BABE! I'm really obsessed with tye dyed bike shorts and schrunchie socks right now!! Look at what I got from the dollar store! PS I found this AWESOME hat at St Vinnies! Let's create something together! Isn't this FUN??!!" with. I know it seems trivial, but it's a big part of my expression, my art, and love and life and having this medium to convey that all to you, anonymous readers, has meant the world to me. So thank you.

Here's to following your dreams, to keeping your chin up when things are tough, staying true to your heart and ART, COLOR & LOVE.

Ms. Fitz


BOW said...


Poppy-Jane said...

You freaking rule wonderful woman!!!!!

Kayta said...

I can totally relate to this and you've inspired me to push myself out of this phase of homesickness I'm going through.
Thank YOU for sharing and for being so real about it all.
Kayta xx

chandraisgreat said...

aw ms fitz <3 this post made my eyes well up a little bit. as recent ny transplant myself i miss that exact same conversation about dollar store finds and creative wtf with my friends at home. but what doesnt kill us makes us stronger and more stylish(if thats possible). you were one of the first blogs i got hooked on when i moved to brooklyn last summer and i want you to know you inspired me then and now. thank you for sharing you with us!
cheers to you! *clink*
lots of love

Ms Fitz said...

Awwww thanks girls :) xxx

Sweetface McGee said...

Aww Fitzy. You are so inspiring to us all here in ye olde Sydney town. I cannot believe how long you've been gone - it feels like forever, but yet no time at all. I miss the days of drinking at the Gaslight and hanging around your little Sturt St house. I miss you stomping around in your slightly-too-big beaten up hi-tops. I miss getting nails done at Bondi Junction (remember Emily's wedding when yours matched your multi-coloured dress haha, and remember how 'grown up' everyone looked that nite? We looked so good) Oh, and I miss your raucous laugh and beautiful, always-there-for-me friendship.
So many good things have happened to us all in the last 12 months. It breaks my heart that we can't all be in the same place doing these good things together.
Love you Claire Fitzsimmons x x x Candi

Ms Fitz said...

Waaaah Candi!! I love you! I miss you!
I'm so proud of everything you've achieved- It was just a matter of time before you spread your wings :) And Joshy too, how incredible is that? Everybody is doing so well and I am proud to call you all my mates.. Lots of love 4EVA! xx

Cami said...

WOW! Lady, you deserve all those amazing experiences and MORE. Let's hope Nadia and I will join you over there soon - we would be more than happy to have the 'look at this sick hat I just found at Vinnies' moments with you! I think we'd get along just great.
Keep doing what ya doing, it's such an amazing inspiration to all us back here in little ol' Oz.

BUTCH DIVA said...

...when i check in with your site im always reminded of how blessed we are to be in position and bold enough to go in on doing what we love. i gots nuttin but love for your whole existence.

werrrrd all the way up.

aka Butch Diva

Anonymous said...

Ms Fitz - yr brave and amazing.
I can't believe it's been 1 year and 7 months since I stumbled on this blog and bookmarked it.
I am anon, but the best love sometimes is

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