Four Inches of Frivolity

WTF?!! I would wear the SHIT outta these shoes. A fashion mash up at it's finest- a collab between TEVA (who make hiking sandals) and Grey Ant (a NYC based street wear brand). As the web store says: "This is anti-fashion at its purest." Wear these and listen to the gasps of horror, the clicking of the tongues and confused looks from the fashion world at large.
See here.

via White Lightning

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the fashion turd said...

thanks for the blog roll add! super fucking sweeet of you! i shall return the favour... liking the look of your jewelry...might have to get me some of that for christmas....unless you want to send me something and il wear it loud and proud on my blog!,,,bit of transatlantic hype and all of that! ha ha... cheers , will be following... p.s nice post on dannii daniels..saw supporting peaches in London, cream my pants fantastic x

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