The Avant Guardians: Peggy Noland

Welcome to my weekly column, The Avant Guardians, where I bring you exclusive "What I Wore" posts from people who rock cool shit everyday, but are too humble to have their own narcissistic blog! (cough cough) Meet my friends who embody fashion anarchy, who push the boundaries of style and march to the beat of their own fashion drum!
Enjoy our first guest, Peggy Noland. I loved styling Peggy Noland's NYFW SHOW recently (check it out here), because she is a true artist and style Avant Guardian.

Name: Peggy Noland
Occupation: Fashion Designer at Peggy Noland
 What IS she wearing?

Dress by: There is no label, but it doesn't look hand made from up close. This was a muu muu made for a woman who likes to par-tay!
Shoes by: Irregular Choice
Make up: Eyes: Nars in Tropic, Makeup Forever Waterproof Mascara, Wet and Wild Lipstick in Hot Paris Pink

Shop: Peggy Noland Kansas City - 124 West 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

More to come! 


Izumihiiiflower said...

funny article! ^^

wooow she rock!

The Ram said...

She may be the only reason why I'd visit Missouri! LOL Very inspiring xo

Ms Fitz said...

There is a whole crew of really amazing kids in Kansas!
I think that when you live in an isolated city it gives you the freedom to explore ideas without the conventions expected in cities with a more cemented scene.
I come from a small city and believe that the cocoon provided me and my friends the opportunity to create for creating sake, which is when the best art comes to life :) xx

Anonymous said...

i like the fabio dude


That fabio dude is a hot girl friend of mine.

Ms Fitz said...

He is truly exquisite

Vee said...

wish i could hangout in a halloween shop for a day, too much fun! her mumu is crazzzzy, i'd want it if it were shorter actually!hehe

Ms Fitz said...

I'm pretty sure that's her house, not a Halloween store, Vee. That's just how Peggy N rolls, the baddest bitch in Kansas City

Kimberley said...

Cool blog. I remember seeing you on Style Like U


whoa, i think i love her
and i for one have been to kansas city..
she probably stays in her fun house of fashion and soaks up her own crazy fash-visions
cause the insp in the KC is a little lacky lack

Prutha said...

Her closet is such a great burst of color!! such happiness!!! i want all that fun stuff now!!


garakami said...

i wish there was a close up of her hair. & the guy in the background has my attention as well. & those shoesssss!

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