"Heroes and Villains: A Hardcore Reissue" by Kevin Bava

To say that illustrator Kevin Bava is a comic book enthusiast is an understatement. He knows everything about comic books characters, all of them, even the really obscure ones. He lives in an attic just like the kid in the Never Ending Story. But he also loves sex. He is a walking, talking, living rebuttal to the idea that comic book nerds are ugly fat losers. (That's a stupid idea anyway.. fat ugly losers are sexy.)
Another truth is that the guy is incredibly talented.
Kevin recently created this series of illustrations - featuring your favorite characters doing what they do when not saving the world (or trying to destroy it).

Up, Up and Away!

See more X-Rated super heroes below:

Can you pick them out? Which one is which?
  • X- Girls = Storm, Phoenix, Dazzler, Psylocke & Rogue.
  • Captain Planet gang banged by Captain America, Dr.Blight, He-man, Powdered-toast man, The Phantom, The Joker, Gambit, Raphael(TMNT), Mantenna & Sauron.
  • Sabertooth & Wolverine
  • Batman & Catwoman
  • Bananaman, Skeletor & Robin
  • Cheetara & She-ra
  • Fantastic Four
  • Thor and The Hulk
  • Superman & Wonder Woman

Help support the artist by sharing and tweeting this article, I think the internet deserves to see this, don't you?! hah!
If you'd like tell Kevin that he rules, email him here. 



Phillipe LeNerd † said...

hahah FUN!
we should print them and color 'em up!
already following my dear!

Ms Fitz said...

I laughed my ass off! Look how hairy and bubble butted Wolverine is! Banana man has a Banana cock! And Robin with his rooster condom! I mean, now I think about it, Captain Plant does seem like the type of guy who'd be into being gang banged, hahahaha! This is PURE GOLD..

Izumihiiiflower said...

haha this is so funny!!!! i love this!

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