Part One: "HEKATE" By Thom Kerr + Ms. Fitz

INTRODUCING HEKATE - A series of fashion photographs taken by Thom Kerr, styled by Ms. Fitz; currently running in Z!NK Magazine.

There are five more images in this project, I will be sharing them with you- one each day this week.
I hope you enjoy this series as much as we did creating it- It is a manifestation of our obsession with secret societies, conspiracy theories and tainted love.
CAMILLA kaftan.
BEVEL earring cuff.
VERLAINE slashed silk coat.
OLIVER PEOPLES tortoise shell tea shades.

Photography: Thom Kerr
Styling: Ms. Fitz
Beauty: Lauren McCowan
Assistance: Jessie Sara English
Model: Wanessa from IMG


Johnny said...

this is coooooooooooooooooool

Prutha said...

this is brilliant!! i love the shoes and that forehead make up and all the graphic ofcourse!! total fantasy..brilliant!!

martinacox said...

thats so amazing!!!
your so amazing!!
love the creepers sick choiceee

Daki Marouf said...


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