Illustrations by David Gomez

 I was chatting to stylist Jason Farrer recently and I mentioned how impressed I was with the Petrou/Man AW2011/12 presentation which he styled:

 I said, "You gotta tell me who was responsible for the incredible facepaint designs! They were SUPERBERINO!!" He told me that they collaborated with an illustrator named David Gomez.
AHA! Barcelona based David says he is inspired by 'indigenous tribes and mystical cultures', and he creates truly original works of art by mixing the mediums of illustration and photography. They are so beautiful I wanted to share them with you, my darling readers.

Love, Color and Chaos!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

it is not only gorgeous to look at, it is fun, colorful and yes so inspirational. love the colors he used and the fact that he used the face as a canvas. it is more than just some make- up; it is art. but what i love the most is the fact that the outfit and the make up become one! the cannot live without each other.

Phillipe LeNerd † said...

love love loved this deeply!

Robyn said...

I love that the streakiness of the markers integrates perfectly into the designs. Very cool stuff!


i love this so much
you always share the best stuffff

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