Ms. Fitz custom Magik Eye jacket

Ms. Fitz custom Magik Eye jacket from Ms Fitz on Vimeo.

Customized leather jacket - mixture of quilting, painting, gold chains and glitter electric shocks.
Original shirt made for Ms. Fitz by artist Erik Peterson
Music by Chew Fu

Love, Color and Chaos,


Izumihiiiflower said...

ahah i love that video! you are so sexy!
i love this jacket <3

death_sexxx said...

got a thing for eyeballs... got a thing for this jacket!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i wish a lot more people where as creative as you are! the world would be so so beautiful!


Bah ! as much as I beg for the jacket I was expecting full magic eye digital print Jacket. That would also be cool. Ignore me

Magnet said...

What an amazing piece. Also, cool video.

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