EXCLUSIVE CONTENT (as always): On set for Peaches & Cazwell "Unzip Me", feat. dancing Amanda Lepore gif

Slime Green top by Gerlan Jeans, black and white shorts by Gerlan Jeans. Cage neck piece by Chromat.
Slime top by Gerlan Jeans, pink chain glasses by Amorir
Zip up jumpsuit by John Renauld
Cape by John Renauld
Peaches wears a custom rhinestone chain knotted necklace my Ms. Fitz
Jumpsuits by Asher Levine
Love, Color and Chaos,


Jolien said...

omg i love that green dripping paint top that peaches is wearing hihi great styling

Elzee said...

slime top/zip face...I die.

Izumihiiiflower said...

OMG!!! what cool pictures!!! <3 so colorful!

Gaff E said...

total awesomeness!!!!!!!

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