Our friend and all round good guy, Phil Spector. He KNOWS hair.
I went to the hairdressers yesterday to get a color (I had decided to go red like Lindsay, it was a big decision, seeings I have been blonde all my life) and the gentleman dyed my hair BROWN!! MOUSY BROWN!! AGGHHHH!!!
He dyed it three times and it kept getting worse until I just told him to stop and I left and cried in the street.

I know you've been waiting with breath that is baited for a new style post, but this is a huge disaster. Like, HUGE. Much worse than the 1 in 2 Americans who now live in poverty or the 10,000 homes that are foreclosed on everyday in this country so please allow me some time to feel sorry for myself and throw me a pity party until I get this mess fixed over the weekend.

I'll show you pictures of  how weird I look with brown hair once I'm back to being a sensationalll blondie again. I would show you now, but my big ass ego won't let me do it.

Have you ever had a major hair disaster?

Love, Color and Chaos,


Laura said...

Oh no! How awful. Especially as he has now put you off red entirely! Hope your pity party doesn't last too long.

Laura x

Johnny said...

I went to color my dreads pink and green because whythefucknot and the girl colored them deep purple and yellow. I looked like a Lakers fanatic.

Ms. Fitz said...


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